News about the ski rental Winterberg

News & updates, tips & tricks and much more about skiing in Winterberg

Are you also in winter fever? We give you insights about the ski rental Brinkmann, provide you with helpful tips & tricks for your trip to Winterberg, inform you about the latest news from Winterberg Skiliftkarussell, the city and the Sauerland and much, much more.

Ski slope in Winterberg freshly groomed

End of season ski rental Winterberg

All the important information about the end of the 2020 season and what will happen to the stores in the summer.

Ski service in Winterberg Sauerland

Ski service in Winterberg - How does it actually work...? Ski- & Snowboard care

At the ski rental Brinkmann, every ski goes through a great service. Of course, we also offer this service for private skis. Here we explain how such a ski service works.

Piste preparation on the ski slopes in Winterberg in the skiing area Kappe

Ski slopes in Winterberg - How does it actually work... - Piste preparation

On the ski slopes in Winterberg, our powerful snowcats spread the snow and prepare the slopes for the next day. How does it work? Find out here!

Making snow in Winterberg in Skiliftkarussell

Snow in Winterberg - How does it actually go... - Snow guns

To ensure that there is enough snow in Winterberg, snow machines are used. Snow cannons and snow lances improve the snow situation at the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg.

Ski rental Winterberg Brinkman hire

The perfect skiing day at Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

Off to the slopes and into the snow! How to experience the perfect skiing day with lots of tricks, tips & hints.

Ski area Kappe in Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

With the family on a skiing holiday to Winterberg

So that your family holiday in winter is anything but boring or stressful, we provide you with helpful tips for your stay at Winterberg.

Ski Rental Winterberg with skis, snowboard and sledge

Season preparations 2019/20

The preparations are in full swing. New skis, ski service for the inventory, the store check-in and a completely new processing system are all part of the preparations.

Winterberg new ski lift

New lift at Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

A new lift, optimized and more efficient snowmaking, new ski huts and the future plans in Skiliftkarussell Winterberg .

Ski resort Kappe in Winterberg Skiliftkarussell

FIS code of conduct

How to behave properly on the slopes? Here you will learn everything about the 10 international rules of conduct on the ski slopes.

Winter vacation Winterberg Sauerland skiing

Class trip in winter

Off to the snow! This is the motto of a school trip in winter. No matter if tobogganing, skiing or just romping in the snow - this class trip will be anything but ordinary!

Come to Winterberg in the Sauerland for skiing, rent your inexpensive ski equipment at one of our 5 locations directly at Skiliftkarussell Winterberg and start your skiing day relaxed. Our tip: book online, pick up your equipment and head straight to the slopes for skiing at Winterberg.

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