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Rent your snowboard now in Winterberg

You'd rather have one board under your feet than two? No problem! The ski rental Brinkmann is also a snowboard rental in Winterberg. We have a wide range of boards and boots! Online you can rent your snowboard fast and comfortable. We will reserve it for you and it is guaranteed to be ready for pick up at the ski rental when you visit us. Of course, our snowboard equipment comes from leading top brands. So don't wait long and reserve and rent your snowboard online for your next trip to Winterberg !

Premium snowboards for rental

To go snowboarding in Winterberg

In Winterberg is not all about skiing. Even we admit that of course you read very often ski: Ski rental, Skiliftkarussell, ski lift and so much more. But that doesn't mean that you as a snowboarder won't get your money's worth. The Skiliftkarussell Winterberg offers enough slopes in different degrees of difficulty, there is also for every snowboarder the right thing. The modern lifts provide a fast and comfortable transport back to the mountain and the necessary equipment you can rent very comfortable and cheap at the snowboard rental ski rental Brinkmann. Let's go snowboarding to Winterberg!

Snowboard rental in Winterberg

Sanded, polished and waxed down the mountain!

All our rental equipment is well maintained by us. And of course you don't have to do without our service if you want to rent a snowboard from us. During the summer, all our snowboards get an extensive service. The winter sports equipment is regularly sanded, polished and waxed. If necessary even the base is renewed, so that the material is as new again. So come right by, try on the snowboard boots, rent a board and show what you can do on the slopes! Of course you can also rent the right snowboard at the ski rental Brinkmann if you are still a beginner.

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