Ski Service in Winterberg in the ski rental Brinkmann

Skis grinding, repairing, waxing and polishing

In the summer months every pair of skis and every snowboard gets a comprehensive ski service at the ski rental Brinkmann. The base is repaired, the edges are sharpened and the ski is waxed and polished so that you can explore the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg on it again in winter. In order to get the best out of the ski in all conditions, we also wax and polish the equipment as needed on a day-to-day basis when we hand it out. By the way, did you know that we have a wide range of popular skis and snowboards from the leading brands?

Prices for snowboard and ski service in Winterberg

We offer the following services for your winter sports equipment

Of course you can also bring your own ski or snowboard for a full service. Our immediate service is available to you in all branches. For the overnight service, we ask you to bring your equipment directly to branch 4 - Remmeswiese 20. We will then take care of the proper ski and snowboard care. You can simply bring your equipment in the evening and pick it up again the next morning.

Instant service for ski & snowboard

Ski- & Snowboard wachsen und polieren: 5,00 €

Overnight service for ski & snowboard

Belag schleifen, Kanten schleifen, wachsen: 20,00 €
Belag reparieren & neu belegen, Belag schleifen, Kanten schleifen, wachsen: 35,00 €

Why actually ski service?

So that skiing in Winterberg becomes the perfect experience

There are different types of ski service, from small to large, each has a different goal. If your skis already have heavy wear marks or even scratches in the running surface, then it definitely makes sense to repair the base by a large ski service in Winterberg again. A technically advanced machine ensures that the base and edges are ground, because a flat base is the basis for a good running ski. This also applies to the edges, because the sharper the angle, the more aggressive the ski's ride. Appropriate waxing and polishing of the skis ultimately ensures that no snow gets stuck under the ski on the base and of course protects again from scratches.

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