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The piste rollers on the ski slopes in Winterberg

As a skier, you usually see them in the evening: the slope rollers. But only when the lifts are closed and you are still near the ski slopes at Winterberg . These monstrous machines drive up and down the slopes several times after closing time and at night to prepare them for the next ski day. In their bright red, they come out of their garages in the evening and prepare the ski slopes overnight so that the next day can start in the best conditions. These powerful horsepower monsters ensure that the masses of snow are distributed efficiently and effectively across the ski slopes in Winterberg and then prepare it accordingly. But how exactly do piste rollers work? And what do they actually do exactly?

In principle, a snow groomer has two basic functions. On the one hand the distribution of the snow masses on the ski slopes in Winterberg. This means that there is a sufficient, and in the best case constant, snow cover over the entire slope, so that winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy their turns without any worries. The front part of the vehicle's shield distributes the snow, while the rear part ensures that the snow is still being cut on the slopes. Here, the snow is "churned" to loosen it, for example when ice has formed, and then compressed and compacted again.

But why are the slopes prepared at all? The reason is already apparent at the end of a skiing day. Depending on the weather conditions and the amount of skiers and snowboarders on the slopes, it can happen that small piles of snow and ice form on the slopes in Winterberg . By using snow groomers, the snow is not only distributed evenly over the ski slope, but the slope is also prepared so that it is level again. This prevents falls and ensures a much more relaxed and fun ride.

One of our freshly groomed ski slopes at Winterberg in the morning. Typical for groomed slopes is the grooved structure which the snow groomers leave on the ski slopes in Winterberg .


In general, the snow is compacted by the snow groomers. The air is extracted from the snow and it is compressed, so to speak, into a solid, stable layer of snow on the ski slopes in Winterberg. This has several advantages. The sharp edges of the skis and snowboards cannot penetrate the solid snow cover, so that the vegetation underneath is protected. On the other hand, the layer of snow also protects the winter sports equipment from stones that would otherwise leave neat marks on the boards. Another advantage is the greater resistance of the compacted snow mass to heat penetration.


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In order for the Pistenbullys to be able to operate, it requires a snow height of about 40-50 cm on the ski slopes in Winterberg. This corresponds to approx. 3 to 4 days snowmakingif nature does not play along. In the evenings and at night the 400 HP strong "snow cats", as they are also called, set themselves in motion and distribute the amounts of snow over the slopes. Brand new is the Use of a GPS system. Over the summer, the ski slopes were measured in a complex way in Skiliftkarussell Winterberg . With this data it is now possible to determine how high the snow cover is at each individual point of the slope. This leads to a more efficient distribution and thus to a smaller amount of snow that has to be produced additionally during the season. The system saves water and energy costs and at the same time increases the quality of the ski slopes in Winterberg.

It will be especially exciting in the skiing area Kappe. Here there is a very special ski slope in Winterberg. At Kappe there is the steepest downhill run north of the Alps - and of course it wants to be rolled. Cable winches are used to ensure that the snow groomers have a firm grip on the steep slopes. These are located directly on the vehicles. The rope is attached at a fixed point at the top of the mountain and ensures the necessary safety. The moment in which you then move with the piste groomer over the hilltop to the slope and look down into the valley is almost comparable to the first descent of a roller coaster.

Snow groomers are therefore highly sensitive technical devices. Handling the controls is one thing, but for the drivers it is just as important to have the necessary "snow knowledge" to be able to handle the ice crystals properly. This requires a lot of experience when it comes to going outside night after night to offer guests the best conditions on the ski slopes every day at Winterberg in Skiliftkarussell .

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