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Ski care with the right ski service in Winterberg

On your mark, get set, go! The things are packed and the ski trip to the Sauerland can start. At Skiliftkarussell Winterberg the ski slopes are covered with big turns. This quickly brings together several kilometres of slopes, leaving the skis and snowboards behind. With the right ski service at Winterberg the ski equipment defies the most varied conditions in wind and weather and brings the winter sports enthusiasts down the mountain safely and with fun. We offer the ski service in Winterberg not only for our own skis, because our rental equipment also receives it at regular intervals.

Like a car, a ski naturally also suffers from wear and tear. To make sure that all skis and snowboards are fit in winter, every pair of skis and every board of the ski rental Brinkmann goes through the big ski service in Winterberg during the summer months. During this service the bases are checked and repaired. If necessary, they can also be made completely new for your winter sports equipment. The base is also sharpened, as are the edges of the skis and snowboards. Also part of the ski service in Winterberg is waxing and polishing, so that you can be sure that your skis are in perfect condition. perfect skiing day nothing more stands in the way.

Why should you use the ski service in Winterberg ?

But why do you have to wax, polish and grind? What is it good for? And how does it actually work? We answer the questions about the ski service in Winterberg and take a closer look at it. Therefore we start with waxing. Waxing as part of the ski service in Winterberg ensures that the skis glide over the snow and that the snow doesn't get stuck and stick to the base. This is particularly common in fresh snow, for example. The correct waxing of the skis can work wonders. However, waxing only helps a little if the edges of the skis grip properly and the base is still without major traces of use such as scratches. We'll see how we repair this later.

In each of our branches in Skiliftkarussell we have our own machine for waxing and polishing, so to speak for the small ski service in Winterberg. It has two rollers that rotate continuously, one for waxing and one for polishing. On the first one wax is applied. The skis and snowboards are then guided with the underside over both rollers. On skis, the brake must be held by the operator so that the base is completely free and can glide over the machine.

To grind or repair the edges or the base, the skis go into a special machine for the big ski service in Winterberg. This machine is several meters long and technically highly complex. The equipment is placed in the machine. Here, attention must also be paid to the brake, which is fixed upwards by means of a rubber band, so that the base is easily accessible. The machine then fixes the skis with suction buttons so that they can be moved and pressure can be applied. Similar to waxing and polishing, the skis now move again over a device in which the edges and the base are ground. The same applies to snowboards, of course.

An even base is the basis for a well running ski. And the edges also have an effect on the handling of the ski. The sharper the angle, the more aggressive the ski becomes. Regardless of whether fresh new snow, engineered snow or even if there should be ice - with the right ski service in Winterberg you are prepared for all conditions. Also for your own winter sports equipment we offer you the ski service in Winterberg directly at the ski rental Brinkmann. For this you can easily and comfortably bring your equipment after the skiing day to the branch 4 - Remmeswiese 28 and pick it up the next morning perfectly prepared again. You can findmore information here.

Whoever rents skis from us at the Brinkmann ski rental shop benefits not only from perfectly maintained ski equipment. The ski service in Winterberg also includes the possibility of online reservations, a free exchange service for rented equipment, a ski depot, our friendly staff in 5 branches in Skiliftkarussell Winterberg and of course the fast processing and competent advice from our team, which completes the ski service in Winterberg .

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