All-round carefree package in ski rental Winterberg

Cancellation Protection, Breakage Insurance & Service Benefits

Carefree planning of the skiing vacation in Winterberg ? No problem! With our optional all-round carefree package you are on the safe side. For a small additional fee you have the possibility to cancel your booking at the ski rental Winterberg without giving reasons until the day before! In addition, your equipment is insured against breakage and you benefit from the best service. So don't worry if something goes wrong, because the following services are included in the carefree package:

  • Cancellation protection - free cancellation without giving reasons
  • Breakage & damage insurance of ski & snowboard
  • Extension to further rental material
  • Free & fast replacement of the material in case of emergency
  • 0% deductible in the event of a claim

And this is how it works!

It's actually quite simple. During the online booking you have the option to activate the carefree package - and you are already covered for the worst case scenario!

  • Activate the carefree package when booking online
  • For a small fee of 10% of the rental price, you can cancel without giving reasons, if something comes up. In the best case, of course, this does not happen: Then your equipment is covered against breakage & damage during the rental period!
  • Be covered just in case and look forward to your holiday with anticipation
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What do I do in an emergency

Cancel a booking

Cancellations of online bookings are generally only possible with cancellation protection! If you have secured your booking with this, proceed as follows:

  • Cancellations are possible until the end of the current ski season
  • Cancellations must be received in writing by email:
  • The cancellation must be sent from the email address used for the booking and must include the booking code.
  • We will contact you within 2 working days to confirm your cancellation. Your rental fee will then be refunded.

What happens on site

Breakage & damage insurance

First of all, we ask you to take good care of your equipment, even with insurance. Should an emergency really occur and you need to claim for example the breakage protection, then contact one of our branches directly:

  • In case of material breakage or damage, we will provide a replacement directly free of charge, so you can continue to enjoy your skiing day!
  • Of course, this also applies beyond ski or snowboard for all equipment
  • With the Carefree Package you have a 0% deductible in the event of a claim.
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Questions and answers about the carefree ski rental package Winterberg

Do I have to book the Carefree package?

The package is optional and not mandatory. With the Carefree Package you are covered in case of emergency before & during the booking. Please note, however, that we generally cannot refund any money when booking online without cancellation protection - you must also be liable for any damage to the rental equipment on site. 

What does the all-round carefree package cost?

The carefree package is calculated as a percentage fee of 10% on the rental price.

Can I also apply the Carefree Package to individual persons?

No, the package can only be activated for the entire booking. It is not possible to secure only a part of the booking. 

If you really want to do this, we recommend that you make several separate bookings.

Can I still book the Carefree Package at a later date?

Unfortunately, no - you can only book it directly when booking online or during the first checkout process on site.

Unfortunately, I can't make it to Winterberg and I didn't book a carefree package. What now?

Without Carefree Package and therefore without cancellation protection, we can not refund any money. However, your booking remains in the system within the current season. You can simply come by and pick up your equipment on another day by entering your booking code, name and original booking date. This means that you still have the possibility to postpone your ski day in Winterberg .

I have booked the Carefree package, but the cancellation period has already expired. What now?

We can only refund your money within the stated period. After that date it is not possible anymore. Cancellations must be received in writing by mail ( by the end of the current season.

Your booking remains in the system within the current season. You can simply come by and pick up your equipment on another day by providing your booking codes, name and original booking date. This means that you always have the possibility to postpone your ski day in Winterberg .

Can I also book individual components of the Carefree Package, e.g. only the cancellation protection?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The Carefree Package can only be selected as a whole.

My ski/snowboard has been swapped/stolen? Am I covered?

Theft protection and loss are not part of the Carefree Package - in such a case, you will unfortunately have to pay for the loss yourself.

Please note that neither loss nor theft of rental equipment is included in the Carefree Package and you will be held liable in these cases.

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